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dance and fitness classes in kettering


We offer a wide range of dance and fitness classes in Kettering for adults. They are friendly, inclusive and guaranteed to give you a great workout! Our dance and fitness classes include Clubbercise, BarreConcept, PoundFit, Bounce DanceFit, Zumba, Kettle Bell, Boxercise, MetaFitPilates, Yoga & Mindfulness 


Our children’s dance classes offer kids in Kettering the chance to dance, learn, express themselves, make friends and grow in confidence with Street, Contemporary and Modern Dance, Musical Theatre Dance, Bounce DanceFit Junior and my own brand Boogie-Lou Dance!

adult dance and fitness classes in kettering timetable


We have a live timetable where you can view all of our dance and fitness classes and book classes online.

You are also able to book classes by downloading our MindBody app available on the Apple app store and Google Play.

I used to dream about making people smile, encouraging them to dance like no one is watching and grow in self confidence……
Now I live it every day! Come and share my passion and be you!
My name is Louise Wright, I am the proud owner of LW Dance in Kettering. Our mission is to provide you with, uplifting, energising and  inspiring dance and dance fitness classes. Dance is at the heart of LWD and we will always facilitate a safe and ego free environment in which you can relax and dance like no-one is watching!

Meet Louise

What our clients say

“Absolutely love Zumba with eleni,such a fun class with amazing people & instructor . Everybody is so friendly & the studio is lovely, clean & well kept, would definitely recommend & wouldn’t want to go anywhere else x”


Amy Brown

“LW Fitness has something for everyone whatever your fitness levels or current dance skill level (which I particularly appreciate) The emphasis is on having fun while getting fit and I always have a blast when I go”


Karen Cudby

“Amazing studio, amazing instructors and amazing community classes! Xxx”


Beth Sando

“Amazing classes with an amazing atmosphere! Louise is motivating, kind, energetic and a true inspiration!!! Get your self to her classes!!!”


Lois Brookes

“The best place ever. The classes are amazing Louise makes them so different from any others I’ve done, made so many new friends, cannot live without my happy place!”


Della Lurusso

“I went to the Pilates class today with Jude. It was awesome! Lots of variety so you don’t get bored, different strength levels so you can really push yourself, and the music was foot tapping! Highly recommended!”


Caroline Stockford

“LW Dance and Fitness is run by an amazing team. I love that it is homely and is welcoming. Louise has an amazing and energetic soul and simply rocks. I would recommend LW Dance and Fitness to anyone. x”


Sharon Roi

“What an awesome few hours!!! It was a balance of fun and hard work (without really knowing it until the following day!!!) An amazing Instructor who made it fun.”


Kolby Johnson


We are not just a dance and fitness studio, we offer you so much more!
Click on the service you require to learn more and make an enquiry.