Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions we hope they answers all your queries, however if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Why do I need to book my classes online or via an app?2019-06-10T21:33:32+00:00

Louise wanted to bring the studio in line with the digital age we live in and make bookings easy. Having taught in the community, Louise has operated several bookings systems and when considering this for the studio, she wanted something that was accessible, functional and informative. It’s fair to say most people have a phone where they can download apps or have access to a laptop or tablet, so Louise thought it would benefit clients to have a system that was one click away from booking a class! 

What will I have access to when booking?2019-06-10T21:31:01+00:00

Both online and on the app you will have access to the following:

  • Our live timetable
  • Book and cancel classes
  • Read further information on our classes and Instructors
  • Book workshops
  • Book holiday clubs
  • Update your account details
What does ‘Waitlist’ and ‘Call’ mean?2019-06-10T21:29:17+00:00

When going into our schedule there will be three options next to the class:

BOOK: Book your class!

WAITLIST: This means the class is full, so add yourself to the Waitlist. We advise you to do so, as we sometimes have late cancellations, meaning you will move into the class. You will receive an email to advise you that you have moved into the class. Please be aware that the system will not take a payment or use one of your sessions until you move into the class. Therefore, if you do not have any payments options on your account you will be asked to pay when you arrive. Louise keeps an eye on class numbers throughout the day and will contact you if you move into the class and/or need to pay.

CALL: This means Bookings have closed! Bookings close 1 hour before the class starts. If you can see on the booking system that there are spaces available, please do just come to class and the Instructor can add you!

Please note, if you do not have an active payment plan you will not be charged for joining the waitlist. If you move into the class your payment plan will activate, or you can pay when you arrive. If you have any queries about this, give Louise a call 07900 992803
I need to cancel my place, will I lose my money?2019-06-10T21:24:14+00:00

If you adhere to our cancellation policy the answer is no!

You have up to 8 hours before the class starts to cancel your place. This means that any sessions will automatically be credited to your account. This does not apply to Premium Memberships as classes are unlimited.

Cancelling your class is really easy. Simply go to your booking and click to cancel class.

If you have 4 or more late cancellations in 1 month then your account will be frozen, and you will not be able to book onto any classes for 2 weeks.

We really want you to avoid this and ask that you please cancel any classes within the cancellation window. Louise will send a text out at 3 late cancellations just to advise that you have reached this point and to encourage you to cancel early to avoid further penalties.

How do I book?2019-06-10T21:21:49+00:00

Booking is really easy and all done through our booking system MindBody. To book a class, just go to our live timetable and click ‘book’ next to your chosen class. If you are new to us, you will be prompted to build an account, this only takes a minute. Please fill in your details as much as you can, including contact details in case of an emergency. If you are booking for your child, you have can book under their name, or leave this as yours.

For our children’s classes, you will be asked to complete our LWD Kids Consent Form.

There is also the MindBody App in your app store, to make booking even easier!

If you have any problems with the booking system on line or via the app, please contact Louise straight away so she can help you. 9 times out of 10 it is connection issues or the app updating. The booking system is extremely accessible and easy to use, and feedback thus far has been very positive. 


What do I wear?2019-06-10T21:50:24+00:00

It is expected for most classes that you should wear appropriate dance or fitness attire, trainers or dance shoes and a good sports bra! Ideally, we like clients to bring their footwear with them to change into, to avoid mud or stones marking the studio floor. For Pilates, Yoga, PoundFit, BarreConcept and Boogie Bounce, you can have bare feet or wear ballet pumps or grip socks. Boogie Bounce Grip Socks are advised for this class.

Do I need to bring anything?2019-06-10T21:48:30+00:00

All our classes have the necessary equipment including mats where required, however please feel free to bring your own equipment or mats if you prefer! If attending Boogie Bounce you can purchase BB Grip Socks for £4 from Louise.

Please bring a water bottle and towel. If you forget water, you can purchase a bottle for 50p.

How do I gain access to the studio?2019-06-10T21:46:52+00:00

For security purposes the studio has a key code lock to ensure people are safe during classes. Please contact Louise who will give you this, once she can see you have booked on and have a live account.

Please ensure you close the door correctly when entering and exiting the studio. Please see Louise or other clients who can show you how to do this correctly.

Is there a changing room?2019-06-10T21:46:12+00:00

There is a toilet big enough for you to change in adjacent to the studio. Any belongings should be placed by the coat stand and racks.

What facilities are at the studio?2019-06-10T21:44:34+00:00

LW Dance is a fully functional clean and tidy dance studio with fab features to make your class safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

With her dance background Louise was always going to install the best flooring to enhance performance and reduce injury and went with one of the leading suppliers of professional dance floors, Harlequin. The studio is fully fitted with a Harlequin sprung dance floor and mirrors and ballet barre for our BarreConcept classes. There is heating for those cold nights and air conditioning for the summer heat. There are several windows making the space light and airy.

We have a toilet connected to the studio and another located just outside, so it does not disrupt your class too much when you need to go! All toiletries are complimentary so help yourself!

Louise wanted to create a ‘home from home’ vibe and encourages people to treat the place as this, so feel free to sit in our reception area and have a coffee before or after class. All classes come with the necessary equipment so there is no need to bring anything other than the class!

All classes are capped to ensure everyone has room to enjoy their session. The space will hold up to 22 max with some classes capped at 15, so there is a real personable feel to the classes, something that is very important to Louise and the LWD Team.

We are family friendly, so please feel free to bring your children along. Older children are welcome to sit downstairs, with the little ones welcome to stay in the studio under your supervision. All we ask is that you exercise near them and be considerate to others.

What can I expect from the classes?2019-06-10T21:40:12+00:00

Our classes are all about you! Expect to have a great class with us, we are inclusive and supportive and always strive to provide you with the best experience. It is our aim to offer the latest programmes in the dance and fitness industry and ensure you leave our classes feeling energised and wanting more!

All our instructors are professional and friendly and are fully qualified to teach their classes and possess the necessary qualifications and licences.

Our classes are all about fun and getting the most out of your workout. We want you to enjoy your class and feel successful as well as rising to the challenge and encouraging you to work that little bit harder each time, to achieve your goals. From releasing your inner dance diva to pushing through a high intensity workout, we are on hand to support you with your fitness journey!

Our classes are not just about the workout. Since opening our doors friendships have blossomed, people have connected and a sense of community has and continues to be at the heart of what we do! When embarking on this journey, Louise’s main driver was to create a community and not a faceless organisation where people just exercise. LW Dance is all about support, professional classes, good vibes and allowing people to enjoy dance and fitness.

Do I need to have a level of fitness?2019-06-10T21:38:01+00:00

Absolutely not! We ensure that all our classes meet the needs of our clients, whether you are just starting out, or are a dance and fitness fanatic! Our instructors are very experienced and can adapt class content to suit everyone’s needs. States Louise, “it has been an honor to see people walk through the doors, often apprehensive but within months rocking it and seeing their confidence and fitness levels increase!”

We totally understand that the hardest thing for some clients is getting through the door! Our Instructors will welcome you with a friendly smile and instantly make you feel at home, there are no egos, no drama and no judgement. Louise is a firm believer in that classes should not be about the Instructor and from day one of her teaching has always been engaging, friendly and non-judgmental and made her classes about her clients. This is extremely important to her and is a number 1 priority for her and her Instructors.

I have an existing injury, is this a problem?2019-06-10T21:36:01+00:00

As with all injuries, medical conditions or returning to exercise after an operation or pregnancy, we advise that you seek medical advice before participating in any physical activity.

Please speak with your Instructor who can advise and offer you alternatives if needed.

How do I keep up to date with class changes, events, workshops etc?2019-06-10T21:35:16+00:00

We love providing you with meaningful Master Classes and Workshops that will enhance your experience at the studio and have enjoyed hosting many events since opening including Yin Yoga, Gong Baths and Dance Workshops.

You can also click on the News & Events button on the menu bar to see up and coming events and workshops.

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