Studio Etiquette

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We are not strict, but a few simple things will ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe class.

  • Most importantly make yourself at home and help yourself to toiletries, refreshments are available to purchase from our honesty pot.

  • If possible, please sign yourself into your class on your MindBody App, or see your Instructor to sign in.

  • Please ensure your app has up to date information, including your mobile, email address and who to contact in case of an emergency.

  • Please ensure you wear the appropriate attire for your chosen class (See FAQ)

  • No outdoor shoes are allowed in the studio, only bare feet or suitable trainers and dance shoes are to be worn. Please ensure all mud and stones are removed from your soles.

  • If you feel ill or sustain an injury, please inform the Instructor immediately.

  • Please leave all equipment as you find it and report any damages immediately.

  • Please hang all coats and bags in the corner on our coat stand and racks. If you are bringing a child to class, please hang any belongings in the same area.

  • No chewing gum is allowed in the studio.

  • Be aware of others around you and ensure everyone has enough space to exercise safely.

  • If you are recovering from an injury, returning to exercise following a period of abstinence, or are pregnant please ensure you speak with the Instructor prior to the class commencing.

  • Please be respectful to your Instructor and those around you. Inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the studio immediately. 

  • We have a secure entrance to keep everyone safe during the class, please contact Louise who will send you the door code once you have an active account. Upon entering and exiting the studio, please ensure that you lock the front door. This can be achieved by closing the door and pushing in the black button on the handle, proceed to push the handle downwards then upwards and you will hear ‘lock closed securely locked’. If you do not hear this and are the last client in the studio, please see the Instructor, who can then ensure the door is secure.
  • Please do not attend the studio under the influence of alcohol, if the Instructor can detect the consumption of alcohol, you will be asked to leave the class. In addition, if you are taking medication that affects your awareness, balance or overall coherence, we advise that you do not attend classes.

  • Now go smash it!! 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to talk to me or any of my Instructors, we are here to help and ensure you experience a safe, fun and enjoyable class!

Studio Etiquette